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When someone is dying and are asked not to “let go” – can they truly “hold on”?

Sometimes, yes.

Sometimes when you are dying, it is a tremendous effort just to draw enough breath to keep your body supplied with oxygen. You are so tired and weary, you just want to stop trying and rest, for just a little while, and that can be the difference between living and dying.

To a degree yes. You can faint/pass out from blood pressure being too low to pump enough blood to the brain. Brain is thus starved of oxygen and glucose and brain function stops. In a movie if someone’s been shot and lost blood volume, there is less blood to be pumped around the body, and lower blood pressure. The body produces hormones to squeeze blood vessels and more blood into the circulation and hormones to make the heart pump faster to circulate the blood quicker. Among these hormones is adrenaline. If you’re awake and aware you’re dying and in pain you’re going to be pumping out far more adrenaline than if you’re unconscious. So keeping someone awake may be beneficial (I’m not aware of any trials). We often put sick patients to sleep to put them on a ventilator and this sudden decrease of adrenaline (sympathetic drive) needs to be carefully managed with drugs and synthetic adrenaline or they can have a cardiac arrest. Ultimately keeping someone awake and producing lots of their own adrenaline will only compensate for so much blood loss before their compensatory mechanisms are overwhelmed.

Years ago, my dad was in a medically-induced coma for almost a month after having a heart attack (and various complications). They couldn’t take him out of the coma without removing his breathing tube, and they couldn’t remove the tube until he could breathe on his own.

He believes a coma fantasy was responsible for giving him the willpower to breathe deeply enough to have the tube taken out. In the fantasy, there was a child who needed to breathe deeply, and my dad decided to breathe deeply to inspire the child to do the same. For whatever reason, even though his own survival was really at stake, his mind chose to motivate him through empathy for this imaginary child.

I almost wonder if it was some kind of test, and if he had chosen not to help the child, he would have died. But my guess is that the mind sometimes tricks itself using whatever form of trickery happens to be effective, and my dad happens to be an empathetic person, so empathy was part of how his mind tricked him. The scenario is made for the person, in other words.

Imagine, doing basic menial tasks is like undergoing a triathlon. Very exhausting! Reading makes me dizzy as fuck. Taking care of my daughter, is very difficult(i love her very much, and i feel sorry for her for having me). Even lying on bed is tiring!

Now that i feel tired and feel like passing out. Two things will surely happen: it’s either i panic attack. Or have a mild one, relax a bit, panic attack ultimately, then have a mild one throughout the day. When i panic attack, my heart rate and blood pressure increases, then sweats a bit(helps my heat exhaustion), still tired but still can move, tho i sincerely want to give-up and kill myself.

Sometimes i wonder if i just give-in completely and avoid my panic attacks. Will i die? Be in coma? Or nothing will happen? I feel that wihout my daughter, my body could’ve given-up 3yrs ago already.

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