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Top new free Steam Games to play (2017)

Want to try some new free games out?  Below are the top 15 free Steam games to play that you should check out now.  We’re skipping the mainstream ones you’ve seen on other top-lists – and provided video of each game @ 4k resolution.  Test system:  980ti SLI 6700k.  All games below not only ROCK but run without any major bugs or issues encountered.

Transmissions:  Element 120 [Steam Link]

TE120 is a short single player experience set in the Half-Life Universe featuring a gravity defying weapon that allows you to jump buildings and sustain large falls.  It is deep, polished, runs excellent, and has a huge fanbase.

Project W.A.K.E. [Steam Link]

Project W.A.K.E. is a creepy survival shooter with a small twist:  ALIEN INVASION.

Portal Stories: Mel [Steam Link]

If you are a Portal fan, this is as close to Portal 3 as you can get.  This is the pinnacle of fan-created Portal games.


Mandagon – [Steam Link]

Beautiful well thought-out platformer with cool puzzles and physics.

Estranged Act 2

Act 1 came out earlier, Act 2 is new.  Below is 4k gameplay footage, it’s a real treat.

Radiator 2 – [Steam Link]

The Youtube video preview below will likely tell you all you need to know about the game.  We didn’t play the game in detail, but it was an… interesting experience when we did.

Its Always Monday – [Steam Link]

You’re at work.  You need to find a way to escape.  Cause chaos, explore, enjoy.


VRChat – [Steam Link]

This is more than Chat, and you don’t need a VR headset.  All the controls translate perfectly to the keyboard and mouse.  There are huge worlds to explore, with LOTS of others, and interactive games (tennis/pong/shooters) as well in it.


Line of Sight – [Steam Link]

Ranked FPS arenas.  Very competitive.

Heavy Metal Machines – [Steam Link]

Top down racer with weapons and abilities.  Super fun.  Supports local multiplayer as well.

Blameless – [Steam Link]

Not much can be said without spoiling it – but if you get out of the first room, you’ll love the rest of the game.

Red Trigger – [Steam Link]

Puzzle solver with awesome controls and gameplay.


Dragon Nest – [Steam Link]

Warning – this game has been known to be highly addicting.  The gameplay is solid, if you get past it’s cartoonish appearance.

Astroflux – [Steam Link]

So fun.  Must try.

Off-Peak [Steam Link]

Off-Peak is off-beat and entertaining.



Everlasting Summer – [Steam Link]

Last on the list, but good for when you want to play through something that doesn’t require the use of two hands.





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