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Top Fallout 4 mods – updated for 2016!

Part 1 – Visuals and Performance:

Before we go deeper into this section, I just want to give fair warning: If your PC is already having trouble running the game, skip the first half of this section. I’ve split this section in half, starting with mods to improve on the graphics and shadows, and ending with mods to help people with low end PC’s run the game, but bringing graphics down lower. So let’s begin.

Mod Description
Enhanced Wasteland Preset This mod basically adds a whole new preset to the settings, above Ultra of course. I personally use this mod and can say it really does add to how the game looks. The mod really adds to the vibrance and ambient lighting all through out the wasteland. You do need a higher end PC to run this well, but it is worth it. Here you can see a video of someone running the mod, with a comparison of vanilla as well.
Enhanced Blood Textures This mod does as it says, adds a new blood textures that looks exponentially better than the vanilla one. One of many example images can be found here.
Darker Nights Nights in Fallout 4 ever seem too bright for you? Ever want to tone it down a bit, make it look more realistic? Well, this mod is for you. It adds 4 new presets to make your nights darker. Mods works great and is super easy to install, a comparison video can be found here.
Wasteland Salon – Hair Texture Improvement Mod Wasteland Salon adds to the already upgraded character custimization in Fallout 4. Adds to the hair textures, making them appear less flat and bright, and making them just look all around better. You can see for yourself in the comparison video I’ve linked here.
The Eyes Of Beauty Fallout Edition Takes the lacking eye textures from Fallout 4 and replaces them with high quality, brighter, more vibrant ones. You can see them in game and how to install the mod, here.
Water Enhancement Textures The mod itself only changes a little about the water textures, but looks great. You may not see the difference initially, but a great texture mod for the time being. Here you can see the updated texture.
Improved Map with Visible Roads by Ever have trouble seeing the roads in your Pip-Boy map? Well you won’t have that issue for much longer, with the Improved Map and Visible Roads mod you can see a brighter road being displayed on your map. Having a couple different brightness presets available, which can be seen here.
Vivid Fallout 4 – Rocks A simple texture mod that replaces the textures for rocks in the base game. Looks great and lore friendly as well.
Stalker Lighting Beatiful lighting mod, love how it looks and some people thought it’d be a great addition if you want to make your game look a bit better.
Shadow Boost Explaining it is a tad bit hard to do on text, I found a video to explain it a bit better, but it makes a world of difference. Here is the video, thank you, Gopher.

Part 1.5 – Visuals and Performance for lower end systems:

Not much to say about this part of the guide, but you can skip to ”Part 2” if you used the first half of this part to mod your game. If not, please read on.

Mod Description
Fallout 4 -Texture Optimization Project Fallout 4 -Texture Optimization Project changes the high res textures of Fallout 4 and replaces them with compressed versions to improve the performance of the game. Upping FPS and play ability for lower end gaming PC’s.
Fallout 4 Tweaks and More FPS Another tweaking mod, using this will give you a bit more FPS at the sacrifice of more graphical downgrades.
Fallout 4 Ultra Low Graphical Mod As the title says, it adds a new preset below the lowest settings. Works great for lower end PC’s who cannot run or have trouble running even the lowest of settings in the vanilla game.

That is all for the first part. I left out a couple mods for each half, mainly one’s I felt were not worth installing at the moment or didn’t work well with the one’s already listed. If you have mods you wish to add to the list for visuals, please leave them in the comments and I may add them to the list later on. Now, let’s move on to the next part, gameplay changes.

Part 2 – Gameplay Changes:

Before we begin, I just want to say this is the real ”meat” of the guide. I’ve named it ”gameplay changes” to be very vague, this part with contain most of the mods for the guide and they may not all be gameplay related, but instead had no where else to be placed. Let’s waste no more time and get straight to the mods.

Mod Description
Lowered Weapons Keeps your weapons lowered at all time, come off as less hostile and cool headed. A good example of how it looks can be seen here.
More Armor Slots Ever feel let down by the lack of base armors there are for the new layered armor system? This mod takes care of that, adding more armors to be used as bases. The mod itself can be OP, but if that doesn’t matter to you, go for it. It also creates issues for clipping, but as long as the visual set back isn’t as important, the mod works pretty well. You can see an example of the clipping here. Edit: A lot of people seem to like this newer mod a lot better than this one. Maybe give it a shot instead.
Configurable Power Armor Fusion Core Drain Configure how slow or fast your power armor drains your fusion cores. A video going more into detail can be found here.
Craftable Ammo There are a few ammo crafting mods on the nexus, and most of them are nice touches to the game, but this one stands above the rest. Adding ammo crafting material to the game, sort of like New Vegas had. As I said, I recommend this mod more than the other one’s out there at the moment. Only the future will tell if this mod will stay on top of them all.
Customize Legendary Enemy Spawning Do you have too many legendary enemies spawning? Maybe too few? This mod changes that by letting you customize how many spawn, letting you change it manually at install. You can even set it to spawn 15x as many legendary enemies. A pretty useful mod at changing the difficulty of the game.
Power Armor Fast Exit and Enter Basically just changes the speed of which you enter and exit your power armor. I find it to be a nice mod, certainly speeds up the game a small bit. Here you can see the new speed of exiting your power armor.
Realistic Survival Damage This mod changes the damage input and output for the survival difficulty to x3. Making the mode a lot less of a bullet sponge mode for enemies. A small mod, but pretty useful to someone wanting to make the game a bit more challenging or fun.
Killable Children Not much to say about this mod, the title says it all. Makes the game a bit more immersive. But other than that, not much use in the game. Wanted to add it in for the people who enjoyed the mod in the past games.
Faster Merchant Money Reset Changes the money reset for merchants and vendors to 24 in game hours. Speeds things up a bit, which is always nice.
Timescale Changes This mod is actually pretty cool, it allows you to change the timescale in-game. Letting you change how long it takes for a day to pass, or how long to fast travel across the map. Really nice for roleplayers.
No Level Scaling Want to become really OP by the end of the game? Rip through Deathclaws like it’s nothing? This mod will help with that! It removed the level scaling, so basically if you’re level 40, you can still run into enemies that are level 10 and below.

Again, if you feel I missed anything, let me know. But now we’ll move on to the next part.

Part 3 – Audio, UI, and Miscellaneous:

This part covers a lot, actually. I ended up mixing three parts together to save space, so if this part seems a little cluttered, that could be why. A lot of these mods can be interchanged with eachother or other mods, so keep that in mind when installing them. But lets get to the list.

Mods Description
Value Per Weight Indicator Adds a nice little indicator in the item sorting menu that shows the price to weight ratio. Useful for people who are always trying to make some caps.
No DotDotDot Removes the ”…” from the UI menu, meaning if a weapon’s name is too long, instead of putting dots at the end, it will change the font size to show the whole name.
Better Item Sorting This mod is very useful for sorting in Fallout 4. It adds categories to your inventory, such as ”[B.Head]” or ”[Food]”. You can see a picture of it, here. Edit: Make sure to get the patch/updated file to use both Full Dialogue Interface and Better Sorting Items.
PipWare UI The mod itself is still in early stages and doesn’t do everything it plans to do yet. But it’s still a useful one to have. It makes the item trading/sorting menu a lot bigger and changes the scroll speed to be faster. I’ve used this mod for a couple days now and can say it’s a must have. Works well with the the mod listed above.
Full Dialogue Interface I cannot stress how much of a must have mod this is. It changes the dialogue system to be like it was in Fallout 3 and New Vegas. Not much more I can say about the mod, just get it!
No Player Voice This mod removed the player voice and works well with the mod listed above, makes the game feel a lot more like it’s predecessors. Make sure to turn off the third person dialogue camera before using this mod.
Quieter Generator Sounds Makes the pesky generator sounds in you settlements a lot quieter.
Quieter Turret Idle Sounds Changes the turret idle sound to be a lot quieter.
Silent Turrets and Generators Makes the idle sound for turrets and generators a lot quieter, better to use this instead of both of the mods above. (If you decide to want both.)
No More Cash Register Sound Removes the ”cash register” sound that plays whenever you get XP. Cha-Ching!
More Where That Came From This mod is amazing! It adds 73 new lore friendly songs to the Diamond City Radio Station. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to play the game with the radio on.
Faster Terminal Display Makes terminals a bit faster, can see how this would be useful/speed up the game a bit.
Different Color Power Armor HUD Does as the title says, can be useful if you want to change color of your HUD for power armor.
Clean Power Armor HUD Again, does at the title says.

Now that we’re done with part three, I just want to say that the next part isn’t as important and can be skipped if you won’t be doing a lot with crafting or settlements. But we’ll move on to that now.

Part 4 – Crafting and Settlements:

This part is for all you people who want to make crazy settlements and use the new crafting system to it’s full degree. I’ve added only the best settlement mods, and no repeats either. If i’m missing something, please let me know in the comments. Now let’s get to the last part and probably the most entertaining one.

Mods Description
Settlement Supplies Expanded This is probably the best settlement mod that is out at the moment. It adds hundreds of new buildable items to add to your growing settlements. It’s truly a mod i’d recommend to anyone wanting to build. WARNING – These can corrupt saves, take that with fair warning. I’ve been using it for a while and have had no issues. But it can happen, keep that in mind.
Settlements Expanded Want to build huge cities but the limits got you down? That is no longer a problem with this mod, taking away the annoying build limit with a click of a button. The reason I used this mod and not the others that do the same things is because the author has said he wants to update this mod to do more as time goes on. So make sure to keep an eye on this.
Better Generators Simply gives each vanilla generator more power.
More Doghouses Adds more doghouses to build for your furry little pal. Really one of the only things left out of the mods below are dog houses, so I felt adding this would be a nice addition.
Homemaker – Expanded Settlements This mod is a close second to SSEX, adding another 100 items to add to your buildings. It does work with all the listed mods, so make sure to add this to your list!
Craftable Weapons Feel like it was kind of lame how you couldn’t build weapons in Fallout 4? Well now you can, this mod adds weapons to the newly worked crafting system. Something I think should of been added from the start, but added with a wonderfully made mod.

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