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Raspberry Pi 3 Overclock heat test – FLIRC case vs Canakit heatsink

Today we test the FLIRC case against the Canakit heatsinks.  First the Canakit heatsinks were tested, then removed, and the FLIRC case was installed.  The Pi was overclocked to 1400mhz.

Image result for canakit heat sink pi 3 vs Image result for flirc case


The heatsinks were tested without a case on, just open to the air.

Benchmark used:

sysbench –test=cpu –num-theads=4 –cpu-max-prime=200000 run


Heatsink FLIRC case
Idle in command prompt after 10 mins 49c 38c
Sysbench 2 minutes 83c 50c
Sysbench 3 minutes 83c 52c
Sysbench 4 minutes 84c 53c
Sysbench 5 minutes 84c 54c
Sysbench 10 minutes 85c throttle 56c


Here are the overclock settings used:


Conclusion:  The FLIRC case rocks 🙂

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