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After lots of work, I’ve decided to put online available for download my MSDOS/Windows 3.11 image.  All contents of this image are abandonware – thus this is legal to distribute.

Simple.  In windows, extract this archive.  To begin, double click on #start.windows31.



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This page serves to not only preserve some cool software history, but also provide some sweet abandonware downloads.

MS-DOS – Albion, Alone in the dark, many flight sims, bio menace 1-3, carmageddon, castlevania, cosmos, crystal caves 1-3, destruction derby, descent, discworld 1&2,doom1&2, ducktales, duke nukem, elder scrolls, fable, god of thunder, gtand theft audo, heretic, hexen, jazz jackrabbit, commander keen 1-7, leisure suit larry 1-7, maniac mansion, might and magic, monkey island, museum, orion 2, police quest 4, primal rage, prisoner of ice (lovecraft), quake, quicken, train tycoon, raise of the triad, simcity 2000, secret of monkeys island, settlers2, sonic3, star trek games, star wars games, virtua fighter, xcom 1&2, wolfenstein, +more

WINDOWS – 3d home architect, adobe illustrator, windows arcade games, autodesk, encarta, castle of the winds, chessmaster 4000, corel draw, eudora, glider, monopoly, ms gaming collection, ms golf 1&2, ms works, photo deluxe, photoshop, simtower, winzip, civilization, oregon trail, yukon trail, mavis beacon teaches typing, math blaster, america online, microsoft scenes, packard bell navigator, mcafee virus scan, microsoft office, excel, word, +more

MISC – Lots of hidden gems, such as Doom Alpha releases.

C:\DATA-DOS\  –  DOS-Apps and games
C:\DATA-WIN\  –  Windows-Apps and games
C:\ARCHIVE\ – Misc stuff
C:\WIN311SE\ – The original windows disks, if ever asked for it
C:\UNSORTED\ – More misc stuff.   Games, apps, havent installed yet.




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