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Next-Gen MacBook Pro removes the keyboard, replaces it with an iPad! No physical keys.

Tim Cook has repeatedly said that the touch screen is not included in the MacBook but we got a touch of the 13 inches and 15 inches on the MacBook Pro 2016. Suppose that the entire MacBook Pro has a touch screen tap function that lets you jump from the full keyboard when you feel when experiencing a feeling Taking the Taptič Engine to him? The latest , let’s see how the designer introduced the future MacBook Pro models.

MacBook Pro is intended for use when there are no physical keys, but all interactive touchpads with Blockbuster click count for Taptič Engine Company Daniel Brown Steiner, he would slip in the future, but it also depends on Apple’s vision of a completely different but functional laptop. In this concept of the MacBook Pro, there are no physical keys and the entire layout was replaced by a touch screen that acts as a touch of excessive tape. It goes without saying that typing this keyboard is an interactive feel that it is a terrible experience but to have the feel of the pressured Apple’s Taptič Engine.

The above change has made Apple’s complete removal of the mechanical home button on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. To be honest, there are moments when I feel that the round area is the key when it is printed so that the designer tried to make sure that he introduced us the concept of a laptop to do just that.

But it is quite far from what is really going on because there are many compromises that the consumer has to respond to this approach. While there are endless possibilities for a keyboard that replaces the physical keyboard, it is not something we have seen in modern laptops.

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