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Data shows that we prefer to purchase ice cream that is easier to scoop – and its getting worse each year

In a groundbreaking research into ice cream purchase rates over the years, data was compared showing that there is a 2.3 preference deviation towards ‘soft’ ice cream versus ‘hard to scoop’ ice cream.  Not just that, but each year we are purchasing more soft ice cream at an in increasing ratio!



Data suggests that we prefer buying soft ice cream because it is easier to scoop – we are getting lazier and lazier by the year.  The above graph shows our increased preference towards soft/easy to scoop ice cream versus hard ice cream.  Someday hard ice cream will be completely extinct, or found in only specialty shops for the hipsters who still cling on to their hard to scoop ice cream.  69 college women showed a preference for soft ice cream while 53 college men preferred the soft ice cream. Analysis indicates the difficulty to scoop ice cream is linked to gender, but it is not clear whether this is learned or not. 

Participants who ate more ice cream for the past two weeks, enjoyed a shake less – at least according to a survey brain. The surveys showed the lack of activity in the area of ​​the brain associated with reward.  “We believe that means more individual and consume high fat, high sugar and high-energy food, and the development of tolerance of it in a similar way to see happen with drug addiction or alcohol as well,” said Burger.  All adolescents in this study had a healthy weight, Burger said that the proposed changes in the brain occur well before obesity sets in.  It seems that the differences in brain activity, but also to be associated with ice cream – unhealthy foods is not another like hamburgers, french fries or chocolate, although they do not yet know why.  While it seems that the effects of ice cream on the reward center in the brain to mimic those of the drug, Berger stressed that the study does not suggest that the ice cream is addictive. This idea is a controversial idea. The researchers divided.  “I think the use of drugs such as ice cream in it can become a powerful reward for some people,”

Real addiction, he said, is characterized by tolerance, withdrawal and loss of control over use. Ice cream you do not have these effects on people.”The behavior of addicts exhibition that harm themselves (and they know it), but they continue to engage in behavior,” he said in an email to ABC News. “Picture a person standing in front of the fridge with a pint of ice cream, eat the whole carton, although they suffer from obesity, diabetes or whatever.”



Soft serve ice cream is essentially a semi-solid with consistency. In some places, it’s frozen custard, which is ice cream fattening up with egg yolk. At other times, it’s milk ice, the mixture containing less than 10 percent of the butterfat required by the government to earn the designation ice cream, with no yolk.  But no matter where you bought it or what it’s called, will always come out of the machine that churns up after adding air to the mix, and frozen at a temperature slightly higher than cream ice. It’s never been hardened to be packaged in stores. Its semi-frozen, creamy texture makes it easy unique immersion in toppings taste that keeps heating up like a sexy evening gown before melting time on your chin. Certainly, sweet corn ice cream loaded with butterfat of my favorite ice cream shop in Los Angeles, gelato-laced fruit purchased near Capitol Hill and a pint of Häagen-Dazs fat all makes me long for July. But sometimes it’s soft serve cone pressed into (a cake before, please) that call. Sometimes this happens twice in one day.  Although soft serve is generally considered, its quality varies, so those who love to eat will testify. “You can put a lot of effort to make soft serve fine,” said Ven Ung, food technologist and expert ice cream in Houston. “It depends on the age of the mixture, how long it has been in the ship,” and how much it is churned, she said.


There is a big drawback for homemade ice cream; the process is a bit of a tease. You see, even after taking the base and beat the ice cream, is not yet ready to eat yet. That is, yes, you can dip your spoon in and have a taste, but it is not yet firm and scoopable. It takes time to realize in the freezer to get to that point.

Or does it? Not only can be a way to accelerate this process. Some years ago we shared a tip I found online to make almost instantaneous beating frozen ice in the freezer. You might actually work? As soon as that thought crossed my mind, I was cleaning up some space in the freezer to give this a try. Some years ago, we shared a tip that found in Food52 in which Peter Steinberg claims to have solved the dilemma of not enough firming cream during churning. The problem, he says, with the use of ice cream makers who have a dish that should be frozen in advance, is that the whipped cream never hardens on the machine itself. His solution for instant gratification signature, scoopable ice cream straight from the machine? Run machine ice cream in the freezer. Before the test, there were two things to consider: the ice cream maker and freezer space. This method is intended for use with ice cream machines inexpensive – as ice cream maker Cuisinart Classic – they have a separate container, which freezes before beating. Luckily, this is the exact model I have.

This method also requires a large space in the freezer of the refrigerator. My freezer has a drawer, which at this time becomes poorly stocked, so make space was not a problem. I made the dish machine in the freezer a day before he planned to use it. When the time came, I started with a classic base of vanilla ice cream. As soon as the base was completely cold, I put all the ice cream maker in the freezer, connect an extension cord to reach the exit. With the freezer door open, and ice cream treadmill, he served in the base. So I closed the freezer door so that the rotation of ice cream and do your thing, monitoring every five minutes.

While consistency was not as difficult as it would have had to lay in the freezer for a few hours, it was significantly firmer than the ice cream is churned at the counter. It was smooth and creamy, and somewhere between soft and hard ice cream service. The true test for me was how this ice cream rose to a scoop of ice cream. Usually, it is almost impossible to get ice cream directly from the machine; is too soft – that is, unless you beat the ice cream in the freezer. This method produces ice cream which was just enough to make perfectly round firm, although a little soft, scoops. You can even stack on a cone, as long as you ate fast. Yes, I see that this process is a bit absurd. That is, it actually has the space to accommodate an ice cream maker in your freezer? But if you are looking for signature ice cream home fast, it works. I can not say that I will use this method on a regular basis, but it is definitely worth clearing some space in the freezer for.




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