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BREAKING: Trump event cancelled after IV drug Police crack down

A police spokesman said they were ‘sorry’
Trump Rally has tragically been cancelled last minute after budget cuts to the IVPD meant that not enough officers could be found to police the event.

After building the hopes of thousands by promising that there were not going to be any horses at this year’s Trump Rally, the police went back on their word just hours before the event was due to begin.

A source within the police department, who asked to remain nameless, said: “We’ve known for weeks that we wouldn’t be able to let the event take place.

“I feel bad for the kids that have already bought their beer.”

He also confirmed that IV would be placed under a 9pm curfew during the weekend to prevent students breaking the no Deltopia rule.

When reached for comment, the Governor’s office confirmed The Californian National Guard have been told to be on standby, in case the students revolt.

A psychology sophomore, Avril Feulle told the Tab UCSB of her disappointment:”I’m just really upset that they waited till today, April 1st, to tell us this.

“It’s almost like a sick joke.”


One person was killed and seven others were injured after a shooting and stabbing at the Colorado Motorcycle Expo on Saturday.

It started around 12:48 p.m. with a disturbance at the National Western Complex near the Denver Coliseum, the Denver Police Department said. Gunfire was exchanged, with at least one stabbing, police say.

There were eight victims, Denver Police Chief White said at a news conference Saturday night. Four people were shot, one was stabbed and three others suffered minor injuries during fistfights. One of the victims who was shot later died at the hospital.

Nobody has been arrested, though some were visibly led away from the event in handcuffs to be questioned. White said that one person of interest is being interviewed.

White said two motorcycle clubs were possibly involved in the altercation, and no Denver police officers were involved.

Denver Health was placed on lockdown for nearly three hours after seven of the victims were transported for treatment. Denver Health said three victims are in critical condition and three are in stable condition.

Heavily armed police officers were on guard at every street corner near Denver Health for much of the afternoon. The lockdown was lifted at approximately 4:30 p.m.

More than 10,000 people were in attendance at the event. Though tensions were high, the motorcycle event continued through Saturday night, though many of the attendees were evacuated. The show closed at 5 p.m. and the event was canceled for Sunday.


Refunds will be issued to ticket holders, the City of Denver said. The event has taken place for more than 30 years and never had violence of this kind occur before, police said.

The Arena Cross event being held at the National Western Events Center night will go on as scheduled with shows at 7 p.m. Saturday and 2 p.m. Sunday. The Arena Cross has no relation to the Expo, according to the City of Denver.
Like its predecessor, Prohibition, America’s War on Drugs represents a desperate attempt to curb the unstoppable. The focus is placed on punishment rather than on treatment. More Americans are imprisoned today for drug offenses than for property crimes (Will, 1993); 70 percent of the federal government’s expenditure on the drug problem goes to law enforcement agencies, and just 30 percent for prevention and treatment (Mauer, 1995). Criminalizing the use of substances highly pleasurable (to some) and addictive (to others) raises the rate of crimes committed to procure the substance. Putting drug dealers in jail boosts the price of drugs, thus making the selling of them more lucrative. A high percentage of murders among the young in urban areas is related to this business. (During Prohibition, similarly, the murder rate soared.)

The upsurge in HIV infection transmitted through the sharing of needles by desperate drug injectors is a crisis the world over. How a nation reacts to this crisis is a reflection of the cultural ethos. The British (and Dutch) reliance on the concept of heroin maintenance seems quite bizarre from the standpoint of a country like the U.S. steeped in military values. Nevertheless, with the death toll related to the war on drugs so high and given the utter failure of severe measures to control drug use, many addictions experts in this country are beginning to look at other approaches. Pragmatism is not always politically feasible, however.
And 395 street-involved youth in Vancouver were interviewed by a team of researchers between 2005 and 2010 for the abuse study.

Over the five years, 45 respondents began using intravenous drugs, and one fifth of the adolescent and young adult drug users reported childhood sexual abuse. A statistical analysis showed victims of childhood sexual abuse were more than twice as likely to become injection drug users.

Young people were selected based on initial criteria of having no past drug injection history but use of other types of drugs in the previous month. They offered blood samples and answered 45-minute questionnaires twice yearly.
The problem of alcohol and other drug use, and even the question of whether or not it is a problem, and the treatment and legal aspects: these cannot be viewed simply within the present-day context. These phenomena must be viewed culturally and historically.

Multiple ambulances and police officers were at the scene; police said that officers were able to respond quickly because of their presence already at the scene. Some were off-duty and some were working for the stock show at the time of the incident.

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