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Best free video games of 2015

#10 – World of Tanks – World of Tanks is the most popular multiplayer online tank-MMO grame.  With multiple countries to play, and dozens of tanks to upgrade and earn, it’s a real blast.  War Thunder also does tanks – ranked #4 on this list.

#9 – Star Trek Online – Not free on release, STO was made free later on.  If you are a trekkie, this is a must!

#8 – APB Reloaded – Cops vs Robbers at it’s best.  Pick a faction, and either go out and commit crimes or go put criminals in the slammer.  Lots of personal cars to own, weapons, and missions.

#7 – Hearthstone – If you are into card games, Hearthstone is easy and straightforward.  Earn new cards, build new decks, and pwn with a Blizzard theme.

#6 – Blacklight Retribution One of best free to play FPS out there.  Blacklight brings some new things to the table, such as your headset that allows you to (temporarily) see through walls.

#5 – Path of Exile – PoE has a very Diablo-like feel to it, with one massive exception-  The skill tree is astoundingly huge.

#4 – War Thunder Best online flight combat sim, and in many opinions – best TANK sim as well.  Yes, thats right, play as planes or tanks.

#3 – Planetside 2 – Massive interplanetary war first person shooter.  Tons of land and air vehicles, huge area to control.  Pick one of 3 factions, then off to war!

#2 – Star Wars: The Old Republic – Great PvP multiplayer, great storyline – pick Sith or Jedi in the Star Wars galaxy!  Visit multiple planets, fly tie fighters, it’s all there.


(gifs wont do this one justice, with Starfighter PvP, fun arena PvP, and the new graphic updates – see for yourself)

#1 – Hawken – Remember Mechwarrior?  This is Modern Mechwarrior, and free to play.  Customize your bot with tons of bodies and weapons.  My favorite is the Infiltrator – because you can stealth!


Honorable mentions:
Team Fortress 2 (It came out in 2007, its time to let go)
Mechwarrior Online (It sucks.  Seriously.)
DotA or League of Legends (They drain your soul and suck away your life)
Starcraft 2 Starter Edition / Diablo 3 Starter Edition  (Although they let you do *a lot*, they’re still just “demos”)
Rocket League– it’s free on the ps4 right now, but not on pc. Very addicting!

6 Comments to Best free video games of 2015

  1. SWTOR definitely should not be that high on the list. Free players get restricted to hell and back on almost every single aspect of the game. Great game if you subscribe but it sucks when your f2p.

  2. i’m not gonna bother talking about the order of your list or even other games that are way better than the ones you’ve got. BUT star wars got nothing to do on a best F2P game list, period. it’s not free to play. without sub the game is unplayable post lvl 20. and you put it at #2, the cringes O.o

  3. Please change #5 to the following

    Path of Exile: a completely free aprg that truly is what Diablo 3 should have been.
    Delete your Diablo 3 today and try POE for 5 minutes you will never look at D3 again.

    • Please do mention some other good free games. Half this list is crap and I rarely find anything that is free to be fun for very long. POE is my 1 exception on this list.

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