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How to overclock the Raspberry Pi 4 for N64 and Dreamcast emulation

Certainly update the firmware to the latest: I have been using the following settings with great success: over_voltage=4 arm_freq=1950 gpu_freq=600 v3d_freq=750 You can verify your settings with this command: Lakka:~ # vcgencmd get_config int arm_freq=1950 audio_pwm_mode=514 config_hdmi_boost=5 disable_commandline_tags=2 disable_l2cache=1 disable_overscan=1 disable_splash=1 display_hdmi_rotate=-1 display_lcd_rotate=-1 enable_gic=1 force_eeprom_read=1 force_pwm_open=1 framebuffer_ignore_alpha=1 framebuffer_swap=1 gpu_freq=600 gpu_freq_min=500 init_uart_clock=0x2dc6c00 lcd_framerate=60 mask_gpu_interrupt0=1024 mask_gpu_interrupt1=0x10000 over_voltage=4 pause_burst_frames=1 program_serial_random=1 v3d_freq=750 hdmi_drive:0=2 hdmi_force_cec_address:0=65535 hdmi_force_cec_address:1=65535 hdmi_ignore_cec_init:0=1 hdmi_pixel_freq_limit:0=0x11e1a300 hdmi_pixel_freq_limit:1=0x11e1a300 You can see the current frequency values (they vary based on load) with the following commands: Lakka:~ # vcgencmd measure_clock arm frequency(48)=1950486272 Lakka:~ # vcgencmdRead More

Dreamcast + 3DO on the Raspberry Pi 4 runs PERFECT. How to do it:

Use the latest build from here: Dreamcast Here is Soul Calibur and Sonic Adventure 2: SUPER IMPRESSIVE. Mostly 60fps, and Sonic Adventure runs fast and clean. SO AWESOME. 3DO Here is MegaRace with REWIND enabled:   Here is Wolfenstein and MegaRace: PERFECTION. PERFECTION!    

Raspberry Pi 4 Flirc Case Test = Awesome

The below testing was performed using stressberry.  If you want to try them yourself, instructions are below: To run stressberry on your computer, simply install it with [sudo] apt install stress pip3 install stressberry –user and run it with stressberry-run out.dat stressberry-plot out.dat -o out.png (Use MPLBACKEND=Agg stressberry-plot out.dat -o out.png if you’re running the script on the Raspberry Pi itself.) The run lets the CPU idle for a bit, then stresses it with maximum load for 5 minutes, and lets it cool down afterwards. The entire process takes 10Read More

New bill makes lying about your age on websites a crime – “How old are you?”

New bill (passed) makes it illegal to lie on online “age checks”. Mercier and Sperber’s theory about how the mind works gets to the core of why we value accuracy in journalism and political communications: We use it as a proxy for credibility, because factual mistakes are the easiest targets for an argument to the contrary. Whether or not you have your facts straight is how we judge you — as a politician, a publication, or a pundit.   We continue to believe that the truth will out and theRead More

Raspberry Pi 3 Overclock heat test – FLIRC case vs Canakit heatsink

Today we test the FLIRC case against the Canakit heatsinks.  First the Canakit heatsinks were tested, then removed, and the FLIRC case was installed.  The Pi was overclocked to 1400mhz.  vs    The heatsinks were tested without a case on, just open to the air. Benchmark used: sysbench –test=cpu –num-theads=4 –cpu-max-prime=200000 run RESULTS: Heatsink FLIRC case Idle in command prompt after 10 mins 49c 38c Sysbench 2 minutes 83c 50c Sysbench 3 minutes 83c 52c Sysbench 4 minutes 84c 53c Sysbench 5 minutes 84c 54c Sysbench 10 minutes 85c throttleRead More

Youngest Contestant in Spelling Bee Disqualified for doping “Blame millennial parents”

She came to see spell, and she spelled. But 6 year old Eddie Polar is not involved in the last of the National Spelling Fit Spell Bee, will not be participating in the finals due to doping. ABC reports that Foller Buffalo, dropped out of the final due to doping on the stage at the National Harbor, Maryland. “And the continuing problem around the use of cars in contaminated systems is “their testing”, especially in the major areas around the ability to acquire biological samples, and still have to fightRead More

Next-Gen MacBook Pro removes the keyboard, replaces it with an iPad! No physical keys.

Tim Cook has repeatedly said that the touch screen is not included in the MacBook but we got a touch of the 13 inches and 15 inches on the MacBook Pro 2016. Suppose that the entire MacBook Pro has a touch screen tap function that lets you jump from the full keyboard when you feel when experiencing a feeling Taking the Taptič Engine to him? The latest , let’s see how the designer introduced the future MacBook Pro models. MacBook Pro is intended for use when there are no physicalRead More

Rick and Morty S03E02 – Clips and Bhitz

Rick once again visits the Roy arcade machine, only to find it has been boobytrapped in a plan to get his secret codes for his safe.  Will he escape?    

Consignment stores are now partnering with trash collectors to re-sell the trash that you threw away. That old doll covered with ketchup? Clean it up, resell it!

“…Consignment stores are now re-selling the trash that you threw away.  That old doll covered with ketchup?  Clean it up, resell it!…” Damaged clothes and linens aren’t garbage anymore. Up to 95 percent of clothes, shoes, and linens thrown in our garbage could have been reused or recycled. Thrift stores, drop boxes, and others will take all of your clothes, shoes, and linens for reuse or recycling – even damaged goods – in any condition except wet, mildewed, or contaminated with hazardous material. Besides clothing, such as shirts, pants, dressesRead More

“Penis Virus” texts a picture of a male penis to all of your contacts

This picture (blurred out for your protection) is being spammed to individuals contacts on their phones, after the user clicks a “Tax Return” link.  The link tricks users to click it by giving tax return advice. While the virus appears to be highly sophisticated, Ben-Ismael said “Penis Virus” is not the most dangerous virus because it neither steals information nor rather does it not cause damage in the physical world. “If you speak about danger, the real danger in using cyber technology is computers being damaged which control physical systems like trainsRead More