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Consignment stores are now partnering with trash collectors to re-sell the trash that you threw away. That old doll covered with ketchup? Clean it up, resell it!

“…Consignment stores are now re-selling the trash that you threw away.  That old doll covered with ketchup?  Clean it up, resell it!…”

Damaged clothes and linens aren’t garbage anymore. Up to 95 percent of clothes, shoes, and linens thrown in our garbage could have been reused or recycled. Thrift stores, drop boxes, and others will take all of your clothes, shoes, and linens for reuse or recycling – even damaged goods – in any condition except wet, mildewed, or contaminated with hazardous material.

Besides clothing, such as shirts, pants, dresses and shorts – textiles include bedding, backpacks, curtains, towels, stuffed animals, gloves, belts, ties, purses, handbags, shoes, slippers, undergarments and even holey socks!  Many organizations will accept textiles that you may consider unwearable, like holey socks or ripped t-shirts, and recycle them to make other products such as wiping rags, car seat and pillow stuffing, and household insulation.  The key is getting the message out to communities and residents – don’t judge – just donate!

“…People will throw away anything, we have even considered combining half-eaten food together…”

Take Arc Thrift Stores. Operations Manager Zach Vigil said he encourages sorters to go shopping — or at least window-shopping — to get a feel for what’s in style. Really dated or unsightly clothing is marked “grade 2,” which means the store will try to recycle the material instead of selling it as is (see Step 4). Unless the item is so dated and unsightly that it’s cool or costume-y, then on the shelf or rack it goes. Remember the ugly sweater craze?

The plastic case of the video or cassette can be recycled, but the magnetic tape needs to be removed first. Gardeners can repurpose the magnetic tape as twine for their plants and flowers CNN

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