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Saturday, July 27th, 2019


How to overclock the Raspberry Pi 4 for N64 and Dreamcast emulation

Certainly update the firmware to the latest: I have been using the following settings with great success: over_voltage=4 arm_freq=1950 gpu_freq=600 v3d_freq=750 You can verify your settings with this command: Lakka:~ # vcgencmd get_config int arm_freq=1950 audio_pwm_mode=514 config_hdmi_boost=5 disable_commandline_tags=2 disable_l2cache=1 disable_overscan=1 disable_splash=1 display_hdmi_rotate=-1 display_lcd_rotate=-1 enable_gic=1 force_eeprom_read=1 force_pwm_open=1 framebuffer_ignore_alpha=1 framebuffer_swap=1 gpu_freq=600 gpu_freq_min=500 init_uart_clock=0x2dc6c00 lcd_framerate=60 mask_gpu_interrupt0=1024 mask_gpu_interrupt1=0x10000 over_voltage=4 pause_burst_frames=1 program_serial_random=1 v3d_freq=750 hdmi_drive:0=2 hdmi_force_cec_address:0=65535 hdmi_force_cec_address:1=65535 hdmi_ignore_cec_init:0=1 hdmi_pixel_freq_limit:0=0x11e1a300 hdmi_pixel_freq_limit:1=0x11e1a300 You can see the current frequency values (they vary based on load) with the following commands: Lakka:~ # vcgencmd measure_clock arm frequency(48)=1950486272 Lakka:~ # vcgencmdRead More