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Saturday, February 13th, 2016


Explained: What is the difference between fiberglass, kevlar, and carbon fiber – and what makes them so strong?

First off, when you see carbon fiber, Kevlar, and fiberglass (others include boron fiber and other polymers) , you are seeing basically a bundle of fibers similar to a rope or yarn. Now imagine taking that yarn and pulling on it (tension), it’s pretty strong (how hard you have to pull to break it) and stiff (how much it deforms under that force). Now, try pulling on it from the side, you instantly will pull the fibers from the bundle in that direction. If you push on it, the yarnRead More

If mouth-wash kills 99% of bacteria – are we genetically engineering superbugs?

Imagine a cell is like a car. The goal of antibacterials, antibiotics, alcohol, etc. is to disable that car. There are two basic ways to do it, delicate and brute force. You could, for example, cut the ignition wire so the car wont start, but a manufacturer can move the wire someplace so you cant see it. This is how antibiotics work, they target specific parts of a cell, and sometimes cells can hide these parts. The other way to disable a car, however, is to just blow it theRead More

Explained: Why it takes two incomes to be financially stable, vs the 1950’s when one was enough

There are many, many reasons behind this. Since I’m in manufacturing today, I’ll focus on what I know best. The world of making things has changed enormously over the last century. We have moved from skilled labor to unskilled labor in making things. It’s really hard to underestimate how monumental this is and how hard it was to do at first. We have had interchangeable parts since the turn of the 19th century. We’ve had production line manufacturing since the turn of the 20th century. But even then, Henry FordRead More

Most popular books of all time. The ultimate book list!

Title Author The Lord of the Rings J.R.R. Tolkien A Game of Thrones George R.R. Martin The Catcher in the Rye J.D. Salinger A Song of Ice and Fire George R. R. Martin The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Douglas Adams To Kill a Mockingbird Harper Lee The Name of the Wind Patrick Rothfuss The Count of Monte Cristo Alexandre Dumas The Road Cormac McCarthy 1984 George Orwell Of Mice and Men John Steinbeck Lord of the Flies William Golding The Dark Tower Stephen King The Stand Stephen King TheRead More

Bored? Want to learn something? Awesome links:

Chemistry a Volatile History is a great review of science and how we got to where we are today. If more programs like this existed, I might actually watch TV. This link is dead now but if you search around enough you can still find the videos. Mechanical Computers Training videos from the 50s show the basics of fire control computers. Anyone want to help port Portal 2 to one of these? The making of Star Wars An very good fan documentary. I don’t know how I never heard aboutRead More

Top Fallout 4 mods – updated for 2016!

Part 1 – Visuals and Performance: Before we go deeper into this section, I just want to give fair warning: If your PC is already having trouble running the game, skip the first half of this section. I’ve split this section in half, starting with mods to improve on the graphics and shadows, and ending with mods to help people with low end PC’s run the game, but bringing graphics down lower. So let’s begin. Mod Description Enhanced Wasteland Preset This mod basically adds a whole new preset to theRead More

Collapse of society – how to spot it and how to prepare

What is Collapse? Collapse, in the context of this subreddit, is the devolution of our civilization from a complex state into a much simpler one, economically, socially, politically, and technologically. Depending on the cause and process of collapse, such a devolution could be quick or slow, orderly or chaotic, and willing or unwilling. When does the collapse hit? This is tricky to answer. A common saying on /r/collapse is that “the collapse is here, it’s just not widely distributed yet” (modifying William Gibson’s quote). “The Collapse” means different things toRead More

Rocket League – Advanced maneuvers and tricks!

Quick Q&A   Before I go further I would like to answer a few quick questions that I am sure will be asked. Feel free to skip this part if you don’t have anything to ask.   Q: Why would I want to learn how to do backwards/freestyle aerials? Isn’t it pretty pointless? A: No. The biggest thing that you can gain from these is learning how to properly control your vehicle at any angle. This becomes very important in higher level games and is in no way a wasteRead More

Destiny Dictionary – Guide to all of the terms in Destiny!

Weapons AR: Auto Rifles FR: Fusion Rifle HC: Hand Cannon HMG/MG: Heavy Machine Gun/Machine Gun PR: Pulse Rifles RL: Rocket Launcher SA: Sidearm ScR: Scout Rifle SG: Shotgun SR: Sniper Rifle Primary – Exotic HL: Hard Light (Auto Rifle) MIDA/MMT: MIDA Multi-Tool (Scout Rifle) NC: Necrochasm (Pea-shooter Auto Rifle) NLB: No Land Beyond (tree branch Guardian Selfie Stick Sniper Rifle) NTTE: No Time To Explain (Pulse Rifle; obtained through a quest line from the “Paradox” story mission when it is the Daily Heroic Mission) SUROS: SUROS Regime (Auto Rifle; alsoRead More

Detailed introduction to Athiesm: What is athiesm?

Atheism, from the Greek ἄθεος (atheos), is defined as “The lack of belief in the existence of any deities.” In modern context, atheism can represent several different viewpoints, but is most commonly conceived of as a rejection of belief in gods. A person can be both atheist and religious, provided that he or she believes in a religion that does not have any deities, such as some forms of Buddhism. The word “atheism” is not a proper noun (we do not worship the All Powerful Atheismo nor the Goddess Athe),Read More