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Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015


‘Star Trek’ virtual tour recreates every deck of the Enterprise

Colorado Just Became the First State Ever to Generate More Taxes from Marijuana than Alcohol

In the past year, it has become obvious that marijuana is set to become a booming industry onthe legal market and recent news from Colorado gives us more evidence of this happening. As one of the first states to go legal, the Colorado government has collected more taxes formarijuana than they have for alcohol in the past year. This is the first time that this has everhappened in history and it shows that the market for marijuana may be larger than the marketfor alcohol. According to The Colorado Department ofRead More

AVG anti virus just updated there privacy policy. it says that they can and will sell your browsing history to 3rd parties.

I remember when AVG was the most trusted name out there. Sadly, they’ve been terrible enough that I uninstalled AVG on every machine I ever installed it on or recommended it to. It’s baffling to see a software company take this sort of self destructive path. I get the feeling that they brought in some money hungry investors at some point and failed to read the fine print. Even most of the ones that aren’t free collect, aggregate and sell your data. Give Emsisoft Anti-Malware a try (30-day free trial,Read More

Manned mission to Mars 50 billion USD. 530 billion yearly on military expenditures. Who would vote on military budget cuts to fund a mission to Mars?

This topic gets brought up every few weeks it seems that there’s always a lot of room to clarify federal spending and budgeting and understanding of how money is decided on when being spent. First of all, the federal budget isn’t an “either-or” situation. The US is a debtor nation that happens to hold most of its own debt – more funding for NASA does not necessitate cutting the military budget or vice versa. Yes, the politicians like to argue about that in order to get political points with theirRead More