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Thursday, August 13th, 2015


Rotor boats are making a rebound – NO SAIL NEEDED!

Rotor boats, imagined in the 1920s, utilized this impact for ship’s drive. They utilized a customary engine to start moving, and, once they had some wind, utilized engines to turn goliath chambers on the deck. As the rotors spun, the boats were pushed in a heading opposite to the wind. They could evidently tack 20-30 degrees into the wind while traditional boats could just deal with 45 degrees. Lamentably, so much vitality was obliged to turn the rotors that the configuration was really wasteful and never gotten on. Rotor boatsRead More

Octopus genome reveals unexpected secrets

Source: Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Picture a skeleton-less animal with three hearts, with a large portion of its about a large portion of a billion neurons conveyed in eight tentacular arms. Every arm can recover like the legendary Hydra and has its very own psyche. Its muscles solidify into makeshift elbows and shoulders. This animal has the frightful capacity of impeccable cover and designs its nest with remains of its prey. Such is the unusual reality of an octopus. Octopuses speak to the apex of a developmental track interchange fromRead More